Louie Diaz is a substance abuse counselor and re-entry specialist with the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office. In his youth, drawn in by the money and excitement, Louie sold drugs and stolen jewelry and became involved in a car theft ring. During his struggles with addiction, he received a ten-year prison sentence for stabbing a police officer while trying to flee a crime scene. It was during his last sentence that he made a commitment to change his life and developed a passion for helping other returning citizens. As a counselor and re-entry specialist, Louie now tends to the emotional and physical needs of others. We witness the strain this work places on him. Because he was formerly incarcerated, he finds obstacles that at times prevent him from doing his job. Louie knows drugs and crime from both a criminal and a treatment perspective. He knows all the signs and symptoms of relapse and when and how to intervene. If anyone falters, he is there to help.

Louie Diaz teaching at Billerica House of Correction
Louie Diaz

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