Billy Cabrera spent the majority of his early life addicted to drugs and in and out of incarceration. In 2008, Cabrera was able to break the chains of his addiction and began changing his life.

In his process, one thing was very clear; there weren’t enough services available to him to learn how to live a life free of crime. Luckily, Cabrera had a team of individuals who cared for him to help guide him on his path to recovery.

By 2013, Cabrera was able to return to school and obtain his barbering license; a dream he had for many years that had become a reality, but Cabrera still wanted to do more; he wanted to fulfill another dream of helping others that are in a similar situation that he had been able to escape from.

Cabrera opened up a barber shop, and used the back room as a resource center to provide information for those in need. By doing this, he noticed many people felt comfortable coming to a barbershop to get assistance; it was a unique environment where individuals didn’t feel overwhelmed and judged. This is where the Resource and Reclamation Center was born.

In July of 2014, The Resource and Reclamation Center was able to obtain their 501 \(c)(3) status, and is collaborating with other agencies to make a difference by wedging the gap between release from incarceration and changing their lives.

“We get a handbook on how to conduct ourselves in prison.
When you get released you don’t get a handbook on how to live life.”

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