Aaron’s desire to help people in the community actually started while he was an incarcerated person. Aaron started to notice a lot of the struggles people were having that were similar to some of his own experiences, so he would share with the men in prison how he was able to overcome some of his issues. At the same time Aaron was learning the bible. Aaron has been able to use those two components as tools as they have been influential to his life and the lives that he had the privilege to be a part of. Aaron has an amazing ability to connect with people and help them work through their hurts and pains.

Aaron started working with Jerome Dillard and Voices Beyond Bars on return from incarceration back into the community that was his Segway into bringing the very work that he was doing while incarcerated now into the community. This was also his introduction to Nehemiah and meeting Pastor Alex Gee, who had started his own men’s group, called Man Up, Aaron then gained employment as a Re-Entry Specialist through Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development where he now facilitates the Man Up Group. He believes that he not only has a unique set of circumstances to bring to the table to help this group of people; he also has a strong passion to help people.
Aaron has received training and received certifications for two nationally accredited curriculums called Walking the Line and Within My Reach dealing with relationships. Aaron also has received a certificate for life coach training through Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership. Other certificates received are Crisis Intervention Partner (CIP) collaborative through National Alliance on Mental Health Illness (NAMI), Attic Correctional Services, and the UW-Madison Police Department as well as training through University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute in Core Correctional Practices (CCP).

Aaron is a member of MOSES as well as EXPO, a group of formerly incarcerated people who help to lead WISDOM’s ROC Wisconsin Campaign to end mass incarceration in WI. Aaron has sat on a committee with the MPD, South Side Precinct to try and rebuild community relationships. Aaron has done public speaking engagements with the Madison Police Department training academy, UW Law School, Madison College as well as some congregations. Most recently Aaron was in Washington DC Lobbying with Senators for change in mass incarceration. Aaron is also currently also working with Mayor Paul Soglin on a new innovative group called, Focus Interruption Coalition to improve grass roots organizations in Madison working with formerly incarcerated people. Aaron has recently been recognized by Madison 365 and the Milwaukee Bucks as one of Wisconsin’s 50 most influential African American’s for 2016.

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