• Jenny Phillips

    Jenny Phillips

    Jenny Phillips is a cultural anthropologist, filmmaker, writer and psychiatric nurse. She has a psychotherapy practice in Concord, MA, specializing…...read more

  • Bestor Cram

    Bestor Cram

    Bestor Cram has over twenty-five years of experience as a director, producer and cinematographer. He founded Northern Light Productions, which…...read more

  • Andy Kukura

    Andrew Kakura

    Andrew Kukura is a documentary filmmaker with eleven years professional experience as a producer, editor, and writer. He has produced…...read more

Beyond The Wall Film
NORTHERN LIGHT PRODUCTIONS in association with FREEDOM BEHIND BARS FOUNDATION "BEYOND THE WALL" original music by ELIO DELCUA cinematography by JESSE BEECHER and BESTOR CRAM associate producer MATTHEW MACLEAN associate producer MALAIKA WOLUCHEMco-produced by SUSAN GRAY written and edited by ANDREW KUKURAproduced and directed by JENNY PHILLIPS and BESTOR CRAM